Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Ambition IS THE key to life...

I suppose as Hannah and Parris have done these I need to wack out an ambition blog too! Just to complete it!

Ambition is the key to life and fulfilled life. I dont wanna ge tto 30 and be like OH SHIT I've done nothing with my life. The worst thing you can so to me right now is "you've got the rest of your life ahead of you" to be honest the rest of my life is a shorter life than if i start now. And I'm not saying the life I want is going to jump out and wack me on the head - because it's not it's something that you have to work towards and if I don't start now I'll miss my chance.

This year I said to myself " TAKE EVERY OPPORTUNITY THAT COMES ALONG" It's honestly the best adivce you can ever give anyone EVER as soon as you start to take opportunities more come along than ever before!
Yeah a couple of things have happened this year that I've thought I realy don't like that GET OVER IT basically I got over it and I'm here now. Everything that happens helps to shape the future you so every disappointment is for a reason and is a good thing.
School is shite! Basically I don't see how you can learn from someone who only made it to being a teacher. I wanna be at the top of my game and in my way of thinking a teacher is someone who never made it to the top. I wanna be around people who did make it to the top and are living the life I want to live. I don't want to be stuck in shitty lessons learning fuck all. i wanna be out there networking, performing being ME. In school they tell you to conform and TBH I'm never going to do that. The three amigos are the three black sheep in a field of white ones. It's in our genetics and there's nothing much we can do. WE are all born to do something - some are born to quit, some are born to only make it halfway. AND SOME ARE BORN FOR GREATNESS. Everyone can achieve greatness if you believe you were born for it!

Fashion was never my thing, I never thought I'd be signed to a model agency and I never thought I'd be a film, perform at Edinburgh castle in front of a massive crowd I never EVER would have believed that 3 years ago. And the next three years I'll never believe I would have done it now. I can't deal with people with no ambition, Ican't deal with people with no life ahead of them and I don't want them in my life. I'm not staying here a moment longer than I have to and BY FUCK I'll be glad to get out. I won't regret my time in the wee pond, BUT I'll be so glad to get out to sea. I'll spend some time getting thrown about by waves but I will end up bracing the waves and beating them.




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  1. 'The three amigos are the three black sheep in a field of white ones. It's in our genetics and there's nothing much we can do.' The best quote ever!! so right! Its unbelievable how determined we are about setting out to life now, why wait?! its only gonna be less anticipated if we wait for it, I want it now and nothing will stop me!
    We're going to be an unstoppable force, three separate people yet one big whirlwind.. Parris, Hannah and Laura.. the Three Amigos!