Thursday, 20 August 2009

Day Four in the Life of Laura Merryweather

Wow. Just now i thought I'd lost my blog but I logged into the wrong account TIT! but panic over this blog is still alive and kicking. First blog of today because I was waiting for some exciting news. Some designs done today not as much done but what can ya do! It's all good. Water aerobics tonight - feeling good right now!

A blog is soon going to get up and running for the fashion side of things. I think it's likely to be a video blog just so we can wear our stuff once its made and stuff! It shall be good and the whole world will see our ugly mugs! TIS ALL GOOD! LOL

Today had a good chilling sesh with hannah dearest. She epically fails at guitar hero! LOL!! Have a good time in butlins if you read this before you go!

Tomorrow off to LDN with my nan seeing with Kathryn Drysdale so should be good. Going to whip out my monologues to learn on the train it's a hobby of mine! LOL I shall take eclipse too and pretend I'm in love with a vampire so should be exciting.

Loving life right now dead happy, I believe its time for some farmville and some tweeting. I may start a vlog soon to go with this just because typing seems to take so long! LOL I'll do some writing too!

USSAIN BOLT! Two words guys!

Feeling good feeling creative and most important feeling on top of the world.


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