Monday, 17 August 2009

Day One

Yeah so first blog! Erm todays been pretty crap didn't do much enjoyed the sun a bit. I live in hope that tomorrow will be a better day! Cinema tomorrow and I need to get cracking on picking a monologue, then learning it and shiz! oh how I hate auditions - I suppose I need to get used to them tbh! LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT! If not I should give up on my career! Tee designs are going pretty well got 6 so far we shall see what Parris and Hannah think of them! Script writing's gone out of the window a wee bit need to get back on that too! Money situation is still lacking! I just dont think I could work for anyone! I prefer to be my own boss!! REALLY want to get back up to Scotland but as my money is shite! Its not going to happen! Oh well I'll try go up in October or something! Or maybe I'll drop out of school and have loads of time on my hands WE SHALL SEE! Been enquiring about owning a beach hut! Theyre dead expensive and you have to pay council tax! I'll settle for a tent! Which reminds me I want to go camping soon! Wait until I can drive though! DEAD EXCITED FOR THAT I'm going to be a great driver! I HOPE!

Calvin Harris - Ready for the weekend is great! Proper summery album!
Time Travellers Wife tomorrow!
Need to aquire some more books to read.

AND OH MY GOD! Usain Bolt! He has the best name ever because he really is like a BOLT of lightning! SMASHED the world record and kept on running for ages after! He is awesome!!

So I suppose this is the end of blog #1!


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