Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Day Two - Part 2

Went cinema - saw Time Travellers Wife typical girly film! If I was in a crying mood I would of cried. I've noticed of late that a film where you know the ending isnt always bad because the ending can still surprise you. I suppose a sense of the enevitable happening even if it's not always happy is the reason behind that! SO YEAH that was good Rachel McAdam's ability to be 18 in one scene and like 40 in another just proves my theory that americans dont age from 18 to 45 then one day wake up and they're just old! But anyway she's about quite a bit now isn't she! Doing pretty well for herself. - I love that I say that like I know her! TWAT! But yeah success is what it's all about.
Still havn't found a good enough monologue yet! I'm bricking it and it's not until september! I'll be even worse if I'm not prepared so I WILL find a monologue and have learnt it before the week is out and will spend all my time just reciting it!
I think I've put too much emphasis on this one audition - I don't usualy get nerves - I'm nto sure if they are I think it's adrenaline mixed in I just want somethin good to come of it! It really would make this year the best year of my life.

ALSO known as the year I decided to make things happen - makes it seem more true if things actually did happen!

Part 2 of day 2 in the life of Laura Merryweather - that was supposed to sound a wee bit like BB not sure it did though I can't do the accent!


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