Saturday, 22 August 2009

In the light of...

In the light of seeing Suddenloss my rewrite is coming along well had to completely rethink it to cut 2 characters. They're still there but they don't make an appearance - there's a name for them that I can't think of.
Yeah so It's coming along pretty well, Still needing to learn my monologues I've made a definite choice on them now and I've been thinking of staging and shizz. Most auditions they just want to see something they can work with but I dunno about this one maybe they want to see a finished article just to stick me on the books. Oh I dunno!
I'm auditioning with a bunch of young 'uns so AHH lol! We shall see the ratio of pushy parents to pushy kids lol!

But anyway I've decided to cut a few of the scenes ones that aren't relevant and just to keep the length down and stuff.

I did say I would post a couple of scenes but due to this rethink they're not written to a good enough standard yet. A few more days and I suppose i'll post the first 3/4 scenes see if peoplelike it if not tell me and I can obv change it a bit!

So yeah off out now


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