Friday, 28 August 2009

It's been too long

I was going to wait until I got back from camping to blog only I'm bored right now so yeah.
I sorted out my myspace this morning - no one will look at it but I know it's there LOL!
Yesterday was results day and I think it's ssafe to say most people were pretty happy with what they got.
English - C, Additional Science - C, French - C, Statistics - C, Design - C
Maths - B, Geography - B, Core Science - B, Working Life - B, Drama - B
ICT - AAA, English Lit - A

Not too shabby!
I find when you don't care things happen and are positive and are productive.
The three amigos didn't care yet did pretty well!
Thing at MidKent today so yeah. Out for a meal later on. Hannahs then camping at the weekend.

Me camping how hilarious!! I've learnt to travel light though. I've only got a wee bag and 2 pairs of shoes. Oh how will I cope!!!!


Better get a shift on need to check my list and find my glasses - Don't have a clue where they are!!! LOL

Still needing to learn that monologue though!!! I'll get onto to it at the weekend!!
At some point. Hopefully the weather will be good!! HOW SAD AM I LOL weather is so important! LOL


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