Wednesday, 19 August 2009


The title of this blog looks to be an oh I'm in love with this boy blah blah bollocks.

In the last hour a certain amount of things have occured to me
#1 being apparently people cant ACT as though theyre in a relationship without actually being in one with that person! SURELY as an ACTOR and theyre known as an ACTOR people would gett he hint that yeah this is just acting there doesnt have to be a big agenda and big oh theyre totally together and shit! I'm totally glad I'm british just because the whole american movie scene is so into that! Not saying that british paps dont like a bit of goss but its not on the same scale!
#2 In that sort of situation as above theres an intense relationship - people just get on, theres no room to not get on theres no room to not be able to find that chemistry because I think that if you take on that role and feel as the character would feel the emotion is there - theres no need for a real RELATIONSHIP to be there. It's also the same old argument that a boy and girl can't JUST BE FRIENDS which is sad. Because I do believe it can happen, no more so than when you have to act as though you're in love with this person because its so intense you go past any way of it really happening.
#3 Obviously to get this role where being in "LOVE" is so important if the two people didnt work together neither would of been cast, it doesnt mean these people have to then be thrust together.


I suppose right now i've got ambition overload and I feel sorry for these people, who wants your news splashed everywhere. Celeb life is crappy if you've earnt it but if you've just popped out of a reality TV show its worse because thats why you're famous you're famous because you can bitch about people or you can eat bugs, or look like a man and sing like a woman or look like you've not seen a mirror for 10 years which was the last time you ever properly heard yourself sing and it was shit then - honestly it didnt improve.

This was a shitty blog, a pointless blog and most definitely didn't make me feel any less annoyed at the world.

But nevermind because ima finish off a scene.
OH SHIT I need a monologue!
FUCK NERVES JUST HIT ME AGAIN. I'm putting too much on this one audition, I'm making it too significant. BUT IT IS! AHH SHIT


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