Friday, 21 August 2009

FUCKING AWESOME SHOW - so true to life well yeah as its made up of real life stuff. TOO TOO funny. Its like beyond words you just have to see it! shame its over tomorrow! I woulda gone again.I've had a proper good bit of theatre in like a week last friday Avenue Q - AMAZING this week AWESOME so yeah! Theres nothing like the amount of inspiration and determination you get from seeing people doing what you want to do and stuff! It's like you look and you're like that SHOULD and WILL be me in a wee bit! Which reminds me tomorrow is a day of monologue learning and script writing.
Need to get cracking on my current script idea - I'll post a couple of exerpts when it's finished to get some feedback on it. I'm thinking about shrinking the cast from 6 to about 4/5 I suppose I could have characters who are there just not in any scenes - does mean I'll have to rewrite a couple of scenes. HMM ideas guys??

I love this though my train of thought published for the world to see. not that the world cares but it's nice to know that possibly some incrediably bored boffin/drunk/unemployed person may come across my blog and be inspired! I THINK NOT but stranger things have happened! see other blogs for full details - I sound like I'm selling car insurance.

But anywho! Today was good no more than good a proper eye opener again - it's funny how detached from dreams you can get in a week its crazy. In London there just seems to be so much stuff to keep me on the right way of thinking down here theres nothing theres just SHIT.

Tomorrow i may tweet and I may blog but it wont be Oh i just had skittles - By the way I havn't incase you wanted to make a major story of that! It'll be scene 79 complete. NOT THAT IM GOING TO WRITE A SCRIPT THAT LONG. Do be serious. I'd rather have a 9 scene awesome script than a 99 shit one! QUALITY NOT QUANTITY! something I could never do in english but nevermind lol!

Oh yeah today I read a story about Daniel Merriweather and the fact he does coke in his own home. BASICALLY that dude that shagged his family and kept them in his celler didnt brag about it - what happens at home stays at home! That I can deal with no problemo! The headline on the otherhand along the lines of Daniel: Likes to get MERRI on cocaine!
I'M UTTERLLY OFFENDED how FUCKING dare they use the start of mine&his name for that! I want the fact I say my name's Laura Merryweather at auditions and i get back "oh are you related to that singer" not "oh are you related to that druggie" BASICALLY IF THE GUY EVER READS THIS - never going to happen I'd just like to say don't drag my name through the shit because even though it's not spelt the same stupid people still ask the question and theres no way to define an I and a Y when you speak.

Basically kids take my advice - If your last name's Merryweather/merriweather or anything of the like fucking jones/ smith anything DONT DO DRUGS - theyre dead expensive and you could buy some nice shoes with the cash!

I've had a great day today and I hope everyone else did in whatever they did today too!!



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