Wednesday, 30 September 2009

17 again...

No I lie 17 now for the first and last time!
My life is crazy yet hardly any of it is what i want. I find myself in a really rubbish frame of mind right now.

I feel like the blog is the window to my real life.
I really want to be properly acting again.
I need to be properly acting again

Instead of waffling i'm now going to write a play.

"Original idea by myself and the wonderful Charlie" The quote I will use when mentioning it in my biography obviously!

So to help me with this any "not so happy endings" that have happened to anyone i'd love to hear!

Share the unlove guys and I'l give you love back! LOL

You're story will be in a play.

OH YEAHH!! I want to do an festival and take this play so it has to be exciting!


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