Wednesday, 2 September 2009

in character - a random idea of mine! LOL - this is not me.

well today was cool. I taught Stuart how to blog. he didnt really understand it he really is useless with technology its hilarious. but I suppose he's cute in a weird way. I've not got bored of him as i do most of the time. I mean theyre really sweet but theres only so much you can take before they make you want to kill them. hes different though. he doesnt get technology and hes not very clever but he tries so hard bless him.he took me out today and paid for everything and stuff and not every guy does that. i once went out with one who tried to make out he'd lost his wallet so i'd pay for him. FUCKING CHEEK its not just that but then he whipped it out to buy popcorn! I wasnt impressed. that was before i strated to like geeky boys. you probably think its sad but at least i know they appreciate me. anyway better go Stuart said he'd phone me. I need to prepare myself for 2 hours of his stupid nicknames and I love you's.

I'll probably dump him after a while its get to the stage where i cant take it anymore.
We'll see what happens


P.S this blog is not true life - i dont know anyone by the name of stuart who is a geek albeit a cute one. therefore cannot be dumping him.


Peace Guys x

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