Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Long time no blogging!

So erm yeah. I've not blogged in ages probably should have done.
Went camping with Hannah - it was interesting LOL and experience to say the least and a cold one at that. LOL Why is it that your nose gets so much colder than the rest of your body?
Had a role reversed mock wedding men dressed as women and vice versa. AN EXPERIENCE lol.

Got back not really done much since then. Currently watching Twilight on my ipod LOVE IT I really want a vampire boyfriend LOL! They look so exciting LOL. Basically if i ever met a cool vampire I'd want to be one! LOL

Designed a shoe the other day. Its obviously done by hand so it looks crap but the ideas there need to design the wee fruit on the comp just do they look better! So that's moving along.

Back to school Monday SHIT lol! I've enjoyed freedom too much!
But I'm a changed person I'm a LOT more determined than i was before a lot more opinionated - as if i wasnt enough LOL, I'm a hell of a lot wiser. I've learnt a lot about myself.
More than the fact I enjoy time by myself having spent a long time being able to think life through and stuff I've come to realise the importance of balance. not a general balance a personal one.

I've got more crazy ideas and stuff! They'll never leave me! I love them! LOL
Learnt half a monologue.
Audition friday and sunday.
Eyetest monday

HOW EXCITING! LOL I'll probably get new glasses that i'll never ever wear! LOL


Hopefully the auditions will come up with something and then school will be no more! LOL

Loving life! until monday!


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