Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Of late...

Well having not blogged in like forever - many things have happened

Went back to school - its good and bad
I have an awesome timetable.

This is actually like homework now - In media it means we have to blog! LOL
Yeah so went back and all that, having problems with clothing - not what to wear just what to wear that will be appropriate for the weather and I'm failing epically!

STILL not finished my script.
Its taking a lot longer than i thought - getting sidetracked though!

I chose my song for the music thing - The Box - Katy Perry! AWESOME LYRICS!

Needing to learn a monologue - unfortunately a blog in character won't follow! LOL

I've found that before I went back I thought that the sky was the limit and as soon as we've gone back i've suddenly become a lot more pessemistic. NOT IMPRESSED

Dance tomorrow - should be EXCITING
or an experience for all involved - me dancing = disaster! Christmas show is proof.

Feeling a lot more restricted at the moment and a lot more disjointed - this blog's showing that wayy too many gaps!

just random thoughts that kind of don't fit.

Yeah so going to piss off now next blog will probably a review of eastenders! FRIDAY'S EPISODE if anyone really wanted to know. It better be a good one!! LOL will not be impresed if its just like peggy goes "get out of my pub" and ian goes "just butter one slice of bread instead of two" and max is shaggin someone else. Maybe a storyline with tiffany in it - that girl is beyond cute!! she so wee and ginge then opens her mouth and is so loud! LOL



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