Tuesday, 27 October 2009


WOW masses have happened since my last blog. I've been a zombie- frickin awesome day! Really really sticky fake blood though but nothing would put a dampner on the day to be honest. The fear/love trailers have come out I don't feature in them though which is good! I can't really say I enjoy watching myself. Not good really when you want to be an actor. I can't really remember much of anything else that has happened. I'm pretty chilled right now. Busy and lots to do but nonetheless chilled! I like it this way!


Saturday, 17 October 2009


Well basically I've had one of the craziest weeks of my life! I met a totally amazing person who totally made me so much more focused - I've spent a few hours so far searching for good monologues and working on them. Before I wanted it to happen instantly now I'm more aware of the amount of time it takes.
Needing 48 hour days right now! It's fun.

My little dancers are so awesome!! I'll be blogging about them on monday after their little performance I'm like nervous for them! LOL

I've spent wayy too much money on plays this past month! LOL but I love it!

Anyways a quick blog - a rather pointless blog I must say but I felt guilty for not blogging of late! LOL I could have made some interesting info up but that would be even more pointless!

REALLY REALLY must get on with some work now! I keep putting it off. MUST STOP THAT! LOL


Monday, 5 October 2009

Long time no blogging!

I've not written a blog in like forever it's crazyy!! Not really enjoying that bit. 3 auditions coming up which is exciting waiting on the scripts and stuff but it's all good. I spend my life waiting for people to email back. Not fun! LOL But half is lol! I've been voice resting for what seems like forever it failed today though. Didnt talk as much or as loudly as i usually do! Doctors wednesday to get a referal to the ear nose and throat peoples! Driving lesson tomorrow exciting stuff! LOL
First audition is this saturday so need to get learning the ole monologue. Drama clubs are all go now which is cool/
Chavham today with Hannah, Parris and Linzi the 4 of us is always cool. depressed at my money sitch though. auditions are for paid work though so we shall see ent it! Thing is i probably wouldnt even let myself spend it lol! Save it for drama school, a piano or my car lmao!

Pianos are the next thing to buy! LOL! Myself and hannah are right on it!!

Lines to learn for acting and drama then if i get these parts lines to learn for that. monologues to learn it's all go ent it! I love my life when it's crazy.

Parris and hannah are all go at the moment with hairspray coming up and the modelling stuff so thats exciting stuff for them.
I really want some recording equipment and a proper camera for media! Camcorders wont do our film justice lol! Ima try pull some strings!

Dunno what Walker was on about you could spend 100 hours editing! NO FUCKING WAY it doesn't take that long!
You get good actors you get each angle in 2/3 takes doesnt give you too much footage and you watch it all and decide she don't know what shes on about lol! Maybe i just think i can do it dead quick! I dunno. OUR FILM IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!! Need to write it up and find locations and stuff. How exciting!

Sourcing butterflies not going to be easy. Do they all die off by this time of year? LOL