Thursday, 31 December 2009


Wow. What a year.

1. Acting course
2. Fear/Love Filming
3. Aisling's children in Edinbugh
4. Acting course - Glasgow
5. Zombie filming
6. End of GCSE's
7.Katy Perry
8. Various Camden trips
9. BBC various
10. I am a Great Man filming
11. Avenue Q
12. Avatar
13. Grownups
14. Two pints
15. Ice Skating London
16. Learning to drive
17. New Moon

 I tried to do a top 20 but to be fair I couldn't think of 20 things I've done that I can remember! SHOCKING because I know I've done millions of things! That's obviously why I can't remember them.

What I've learnt in 2009; Life goes on. Have bucket loads of ambition. Be determined and to be fair you can't go wrong!

I can't honestly say I regret anything from 2009, except maybe doing work when I say I will but that's never ever going to happen.

Admittedly bad things happen to people and you're whole life might change but there's nowt you can do about it so you've got to just get on with it and adapt, you never know it might be a blessing in disguise.

Resolution for 2009 - Do everything, take everything and enjoy it

Resolution for 2010 - Do everything, take everything and enjoy it more.

All that's left to say is onwards and upwards and meet me at the top.

Happy New Year.

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