Friday, 21 May 2010

Who Wants to be Content? ...

It's boring innit?
Or is that just me?
Is it a flaw to want more?
Is it a flaw to never be happy with what you've got?
Does it mean you can never be happy?

Ahh well. There we go. I'll forever be wanting more from life. When I'm a highflyer no one's gonna say
'Why can't you just be happy with what you've got?'

Everything's black and white. Either its good or it's not. No half measures. No half arsed attempts. No dunno about that. No maybe's, just yes or no. Good or Bad, in short, Black and White.
That how I roll so either jump on for the ride or don't. Your choice but once you're on there's no getting off.
Make your decision.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Long time no blog.

Sorry guys.

I've been lacking on the blog front lately.

Many things have happened. I seem to be surrounded by death. I have an absolute mountain of work. Sixth form stresses me out. My dad's clueless. I have no job. I have no money as a result of no job. I have no job because I have no time. I have no time because of my work. I have so much work because I'm so behind because thing's fell apart and I had no time. Basically, I need another day or 48 hour days. I also need more sleep.

But for every lorry load of shit that comes along, there has to be a good thing to balance it out!

1. Saw my first film - strangest feeling EVER. Seeing yourself on the tele in a proper film is crazy!
2. Travelled to a hotel on business.
3. Got a hotel loyalty card because I travelled on business
4. Spent far too much money on travelling.
5. Auditioned for a pilot - which I got!

All this gets me to wondering if this is what I really want.
I'm rubbish at balancing school and normal life and acting work. So can I just cut out school?
I feel this will greatly help my situation. What do we reckon?

I'm going to do my ASs and then I'm going to run away with the circus!
Or run away with a travelling theatre company or film crew.

Is it me or do I sound like I want to run away. It's not so much running and fucking sprinting. I'm bored and want to get away is that so wrong?
No of course it isn't i've just got itchy feet and want to move on with life.

As soon as the pilot becomes a big thing (hopefully) all this will seem a distant memory and life will present itself as the yellow brick road in The Wizard of Oz.